Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crying Junior Tennis Players

Came across an article written on Junior tennis players crying. Its from the Tennis Mom's spin and this is a useful site for Parents of budding junior tennis players and has a lot of good story's and info. Click here to READ the story titled the crying game.As a coach I do not mind crying after the loss of a match ,its the comforting from parents straight after I do not like.I think let the child have their moment and  get rid of the tears because they have to deal with more matches in the future , leave them alone let them cry it out and move on.The other factor of crying that annoys me is during a match when the child is losing .Through all those tears it must be hard to see the oncoming ball, so toughen up wipe those tears at the change of ends and play point by point.Even the pro's cry but leave it to after the match and not on the court.And a little advice..... parents give your child some space after losing a match, believe me in the long run they will be better off.

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  1. Great article! That's absolutely true that we must boost up our children when they loose the tennis tournaments by advising them.