Sunday, November 28, 2010

Southern Closed in Need of a Face Lift

Above is a picture of The South Canterbury Tennis Center with some of the courts undergoing a face lift , I will post the finished product later.It is the venue this weekend of the Southern Closed Open and Junior event which is in desperate need of a face lift also! I still believe in the concept bringing the region's junior tennis players together for what should be a major event on the regions calender.Its a local regional event that could cater for everyone and the concept if taken on board could go from oblivion to a well supported event.
First of all we as coaches have a lot to answer for , why are we coaching children , one of the reasons are to progress your players to play in events such as these.If every major coach in the region could bring 10 to 15 juniors then suddenly we go from 20 players to 120 players + .Expand the events taking in 10s ,12, 14s Opens and a veteran doubles event.Have a championship event and a non championship event so that all junior players may enter and not be intimidated by the better players.Make a coaches forum during the event  to discuss idea's on junior tennis in the region.Attract sponsors for an event such as this and provide suitable rewards to participants.Look at a date change.... an event like this is suitable for a Long Weekend may Labor weekend.Rotate the event with major centers ,South Canterbury, Otago and Southland.These are just a few thoughts that could open discussion.Consensus would be unless we do have a face lift then currently the current concept is a Non Event.

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