Monday, November 8, 2010

Southern Junior Quads South Canterbury Spin

Whilst no silver ware was captured this year , the junior quad team performed above expectations. This year we had a lot of players participating at a major event for the very first time and the improvement over the three days of tennis was for me as coach very noticeable. All players gained invaluable experience which will help them improve over the season. Sometimes one has to suffer loses to learn and events such as this its not all about winning and we do have to accept that we learn more from losing sometimes than winning. We also find out a lot about ourselves in how we handle match situations do we "fold" when the going gets tough or do we keep trying until the final point .For parents accompanying its a learning experience for them also seeing the level of tennis and what is needed to do well at this sport. Tennis is very much an individual sport however a Teams event such as this individuality must be put on hold, sometimes you have injury's but one at times has to find away to get through events such as this ,its tough sometimes and you have to play through some pain, all athletes do this at times.

The 12s produced some great results, In the girls Anna Cochrane was undefeated in her singles matches and the rest of the team of Emily Gilchrist, Alex Porter, Ruby Brown and Magenta Cunningham Lewis where competing for the first time at a major tennis event. These girls had a great attitude all weekend and whilst could not match it at times with the more experienced players improved with each game they played and will be better off in their next tennis match by the experienced gained this weekend. The 12 boys had some great battles and some extremely long matches, Jono Ellis held is own at 1 and Ben Deeley still 10 had some great matches! Hugh Rollinson played outstanding tennis, his singles play was awesome! Brad Cvitanich was competitive and I think learned a lot which will make him stronger for the future. Oscar Ackland excelled and proved he was prepared to grind out wins and this showed with his results,

The 14s held their own against all teams and only lost to Otago 14s. Considering Sam Lane, Annabel Ellis and George Tarbotton along with Gretchen Bleeker all eligible for this age groups but had to be elevated to the 16s this team did very well. The girls competed well Charlotte Lamb and Rebecca Gill playing at number 1 and 2 whilst not winning many matches they played extremely well against tough opposition. Libby Taylor and Greer Glentworth both won important matches as did Pru Murdoch and these crucial wins meant that the 14s won overall against all but Otago. The boys played very well all weekend Adam Beck at 1 had some great wins as did Daniel Kelliher who won 3 of his 4 singles. Josh Reddecliffe , and Angus Rollinson also played their part winning important singles rubbers. Jack Deeley another player who played up showed he could mix it with the older boys winning the tennis battle and also the mental battle in one particular match.

The 16s by not having their full strength line up on the playing field in various matches meant they could have won more matches... however I have to mention Luke Elsen and Hamish Wallace who stepped up to the older age group and really held their own in all matches Well Done! Sam Lane played with a wrist injury and was below his best but I want to acknowledge his commitment to the team and will have gained a lot from this and I do not mean just the tennis side. George Tarbotton also elevated to the 16s played well and this experience will greatly help George. Tom Deeley had a good win against Southland whilst Hamish Race on the comeback trail suffered and knee injury which put him out for Sunday. Annabel Ellis playing at 1 had a great win against Sharne English and it was pleasing to see Geraldine Prisk back competing and will be all the better for this outing. Sam Olley and Rose Clearwater played some great tennis and I noted their improvement in every match. Gretchen Bleeker also competed well against stiff opposition and Gretchen also played up in the 16s although eligible for the 14s.

Well done to the people who made this happen and helped over the weekend , you all know who you are! This was a huge effort in getting teams on the courts and I am pleased to say that we did not have to forfeit any age group or matches! For me it was great to see players develop over the weekend we can not win every time but the South Canterbury players all held up a proud tradition that has been cemented by previous teams and no doubt will continue for the future.

Below is a presentation of the weekend.. thanks to Ace Ventura for the pics!

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