Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back from the Wilderness

Sorry guys for lack of post's but with the past couple of weeks local events in New Zealand ( earthquake) its hard to get the motivation to blog again when other things seem trivial to hardships the people of Christchurch experienced.

New Zealand was defeated by Uzbekistan 3-2 although the match was done in 2 days with Uzbekistan leading three nil before submitting a couple of guys they dragged of the street to play the dead rubbers.Not really but New Zealand defeated them comfortably to make it a 3-2 result.

April Nationals for juniors will soon be here 14s and 16s results will be significant in selection for youth World cup teams for zonal playoffs.Let me say it's very bleak amongst the junior ranks with players to be selected , I am tipping New Zealand teams especially the 14s to struggle big time.The depth will just not be there , Nz may be able to field a competitive player in each age group but looking at depth its not there sadly.

Will be posting some blogs again in the next couple of days, but for oversea's readers , yes I am ok and back posting! 

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