Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meltdown Mania - Alive and well in Junior Tennis

The mental game as we know is one if not the most important part of winning a competitive tennis match.We see it at the pro level but more so at junior tennis level. Its always an interesting battle watching juniors compete at tennis from the sideline.Usually a Junior match starts timidly both players feeling each other out but its not long before one player starts looking to the sideline for their parent as they have just lost a series of points and games.Usually the typical trait off the court for these juniors are they usually get what they want and usually Mum or Dad accommodates their needs and wants.Back to the match suddenly the child is not getting what they want , they want to win! this is not happening panic sets in ! They know if they start crying off the court they usually can get what they want, suddenly the tears start on the court ....yes this will work!!! Just one small thing its not Mom or Dad you are playing !!!! Suddenly they realize the tears dont work ...whats next? Well when they dont get their way a tantrum always works at home! They start tapping and banging their racquet (if they break it Mom and Dad will buy them a new one), still the tears are flowing , they start yelling and screaming ....Still they are losing! WHAT NEXT? Constantly the child is looking at the parents for help!,they start blaming them for the current state of the match!HELP ME! Hold it a second have you seen Mom or Dad play? do you really want them to come out and play your match?! Then the realization hits  for the player they cannot win! The head drops- even further - no eye contact with anyone except the ground!-hardly any body movement and then the end is near Game Set and Match!

It came as a surprise that someone had generously arranged travel arrangements for me.Unfortunately they failed to check if I was available for travel on the dates they arranged.I am sorry to inform the buffoons that made these bookings I will not be travelling on those dates.

Not everyone agree's with what I have to say on this blog and after all many articles are just my opinion.Its interesting that over the years I have many readers that drop by to look at the blog and what is on it.Many enjoy whats here , what I can't work out is why the "haters" keep coming back?

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  1. How do you put up with these juniors, I am more than thinking how do you put up with these parents.? They think tennis coaches are qualified shrinks! They need help but its out of you the coaches hand , they need to fix the problem before they get to the tennis courts.!!!!