Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mission Accomplished- The "eye" gets South Canterbury Doubles Titles

Yesterday I partnered 15 year old Tom Deeley to win the South Canterbury closed Men's Doubles Title 6-0 6-2 against Top Seeds Les Jones and Kevin Lind.I coach Tom and playing with me is no easy task , I hate to lose and I hate to lose points so my intensity in Match play is always high.I can remember myself playing as a junior with the better Men players and it was here I learned the craft of doubles and also the intensity required to win at Top level, I learned a lot even though some of the older players at times were quite hard.I enjoyed playing with Tom and the event gives me an incentive to pass on some knowledge that I have learned throughout the years of playing many matches.Tom really handled the match like a veteran ,except for the drop volley :) ,I had made a similar error with a break point ,I tried a silly drop shot .....lapses of intensity made me remember one of my old partners saying you get a sitter ...bury it! Tom also won the men's singles title yesterday with a 6-0 6-0 against the Top Seed Kevin Lind.Tom was ruthless in his demolish-ion ,determined not to drop a game.The event was seeded on Top Dog and certainly made a mockery of the system, Top Dog works if you are put on your correct level of entry , Tom was way to low and needs an adjustment. 
So another success with a pupil taking out the Men's Championship and Tom deserves this with his enthusiasm and ability to put in at lesson's , no dramatics , no racket throwing and banging on the ground, no swearing and tantrums, no putting down the opposition and no excuses.......shame this was not a trait in all juniors , I have to say in all honest opinion its a credit to the parents because its their influences that help create the persona ,Well done Dad and Mum you deserve the victory also.

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