Monday, May 2, 2011

A Delayed Post

Sorry readers I have been In Australia visiting my father who again has been a little unwell, I am enjoying the time here visiting my 103 year old grandmother also.Thanks for those that were concerned .I have been watching events from a far and will give my views on recent Nationals and Junior Davis and Fed Cups, again another year for non qualification to the World playoffs with the Boys 16s finishing 15th and the girls finished 8th not living up to their seeding of 4th for the event.

Just a word of support for Blenheim coach Michael Mooney , Michael has dared to stand up to a scene that happens far too often in New Zealand with  vindictive parents and boards that like to shaft coaches doing a good job.Keep it going Michael!!!I have lots of news and reports for everyone including an update on THE STALKER.! Back to New Zealand soon!

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