Monday, May 16, 2011

All Tennis Coaches are equal -----NOT!

Lets just talk about an absurd statement I heard the other day when describing Tennis Coaches "all tennis coaches are equal" Yeh like fun "mate" First of all a lot of so call part timers call themselves tennis coaches, I even know of a few that have passed a Community Coaches Course call themselves qualified.I have already wrote about the various coaches you can find , here is the Link To the STORY.All coaches are not equal thats for sure, some can specialize in beginner tennis some can be very good with the tournament level kids and some you should not even waste your time with.

My "spin" is a lot of parents go from coach to coach looking for that magic formula ....Wake up it does not exist ! Find a coach that will tell you everything you want to hear, your on a very short pathway with your child, probably in the end they(child) will just go "camping" or ride a surfboard. 

Some of the toughest coaches are the best coaches because they actually care!They generally know that your child is under-performing, needs a little jolt to get the best out of them, my experience its the parents that can't take the discipline , Well Mums and Dads.....Tennis is a disciplined game! 

All coaches are not equal, I have the secret to success , you want to be a pro tennis player email me and I will tell you exactly the secret.What happens in New Zealand most of the juniors that appear in the rankings are children with good financial support from parents.They get the best, clothes, racquet's and when they lose and throw a tantrum they even get a kiss from Mommy.See where I am going?No one is tough enough this side of the world especially in this country. Many of the "juniors" with heart are forced to give up or change sports!They cant afford to keep going , what have we left the "prima donna's" where money has got them wins at a certain level!When they have to "raise the bar" and find that Mummy is no longer on the side lines telling them to
"eat a banana" at the change of ends  ,they have to actually think for themselves! ,this is where the player is found out "when the going gets tough the tough get going" Are all coaches equal No because the majority are telling their pupils they are the next Wimbledon Champion and buying your Mom a coffee.

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