Monday, May 16, 2011

Down!! but is Rafa Out?

Again Djokovic beat Nadal on clay and in straight sets . From what i saw watching ,Nadal was outplayed again in all aspects.Djokovic was savage on Nadal's second serve and hit over twice as many winners than Rafa.Nadal tried a change of tactics with more higher balls to Djoker...that did not work as often Novak returned the favor with more pace and control.The difference is the backhand , Djokovic is hitting his with speed and precision , Nadal on the other hand with the pressure Djoker is putting on him is often short, he tried his signature move to run around that side when given the chance but often the ball was too deep and when he did get around it he left an open court for Djokovic to hammer.

This battle is making the French Open more attractive and it certainly would make an interesting final if both should make it. Don't write Nadal off yet at this stage he's Down but Not Out.

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