Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tip Of The Iceberg

Parents and observers of a match will often come up with the obvious feature of their child's losing match,In this match "little Duncan lost with many backhands going long over the baseline.This is just the tip of the iceberg,what lies under the surface often goes unnoticed.That is the secret of good coaching is being able to determine the factors that cause the inconsistency to happen.I have listened to a few Coaches giving advice to players , "look to beat this opponent you have to slice low across court with your backhand" , one problem the player cannot hit slice! Beware of coaches that give you tactical advice on the spot , if you have not practiced this in training forget about it and look to work on this at a later date .....NOT THE MATCH.I commented on my last post that Federer made 57 unforced errors , his team and coaches must look below the "tip" and come up with technical and tactical reasons.Good coaches will always look below the tip it is these coaches that truly understand the game.If you find one ...a coach that is ...keep them!

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