Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wimbledon 2012 the extinction of the Aussies

Wimbledon to me is still the tournament to win, thats the one as a kid I waited up till 1 am watching the great Aussies Laver, Court,Goolagong,Rosewall and Newcombe.Over the years Pat Cash,Lleyton Hewitt and Pat Rafter kept the tradition going... this year the Australian competitors except for Stosur are on the verge of extinction.Most Aussies this year are playing qualifying ,household names such as Tomic,Peer,Ebden and Jones.....NOT.War horse Hewitt is Maindraw but his day in the Sun has come and gone as quickly as the change in the Men's game passed Hewitt's game.Hewitt loved a target but the game now most of the Men are prepared to trade ground strokes from the baseline..........even I dare say on grass at Wimbledon.Stosur is not mobile enough to win this tournament and whilst may get past a few rounds ,she wont be holding this years trophy. I am sure some of our legends will be in attendance as spectators but there wont be any fellow Aussies to cheer on.Tennis Australia again will come under scrutiny as I tip the most disastrous year yet for Australian Tennis at Wimby.Why is it that we can't compete with the rest of the world, its not the lack of Clay Courts its simply the lack of quality opponents the base is too small and the "dog eat dog" attitude is not strong enough.Tomic touted as a future champion is simply not doing enough his game was good in the Junior Level but he did not possess any thing special, except he could out smart the other juniors.

The other's you may as well put them in the same boat ...just have not got it full stop!What are these Junior tennis players prepared to sacrifice to make it as a Tennis Player, I say not enough its not that we cannot swing the racquet its because of our mental and discipline approach, like the Americans we come from a "land of the free" its too easy to do things material  such as the latest mobile phone, the ipods, the parties its all at our feet.Our parents have changed also along with the times, its the kids that dictate and our parents are not strong enough to keep the materials things out of their children's life.There is no Harry Hopman to mentor the young players, money has changed that ,  parents  change coaches searching for the "yellow brick road" only to find that by clicking the Ruby red slippers all you get is back to "Dubbo "No one is prepared to work really hard! parents and players want a quick fix, yes Tennis Australia the answer is Clay courts....come on the answer is in society and how we address every day life, get your head around that and maybe just maybe we could find another Laver and Court.The rest of the World is working harder and sacrificing more......the bottom line is were not!

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