Friday, June 3, 2011

Enough of the WE! DAD

Don't coaches get sick of parents that talk in the "We" Dad who when he steps out on the court is really just and average B player often parts his great tennis experience on their child.Coaches cringe at the tactical advice Dad is giving!They then rock up to the next coaching lesson with the pro for their child and the introduction goes a little like this Father"We had this awesome game plan,we executed it in the second set ,we hit our backhand well but our serve let us down,we really felt disappointed that we waited to 0-6 0-5 to execute the plan,we must try to do it earlier in the match next time,I think we should work on the backhand today.WE WE WE.Usually the child does not do much thinking for himself,the child is prone to emotional breakdown on the court with tears, the child does not play the match his Father does.The worst kind of parent are those living their sporting dream through their child!The best parents are the ones that rock up watch and support their child win or lose and if they do have a good coach that watches matches then they let the coach deal with all things tennis.These parents are nearly extinct in New Zealand.

On Thursday's I have an enjoyable trip out to Geraldine to coach 8 enthusiastic young tennis players.Thanks to the Mulligan's whose home court we use the juniors can keep their tennis going over winter.Pictured below are the young juniors from this weeks practice.
I am sorry I have not updated the French Open but will try to give a pre final post, today Nadal takes on Murray and whilst reports Rafa is low on confidence he will beat Murray .Federer takes on the unstoppable Djoker!I would love to think Roger can beat him but Novak will exploit Feds great shot selection and will break him down in the unforced error department. I hope I am wrong!

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