Thursday, July 19, 2012

A good assessment of Tomic

I came across an article on the net about Aussie Bernard Tomic. Its a pretty good assessment and this is what some of the article had to say

"Tomic has barely had to lift a finger during his short career. He achieved immense success in juniors solely down to his natural talents – slicing, dicing and reading opponents like a book without bothering to properly construct points. The success in juniors brought immense hype and self-hype which led tournament directors to toss a never-ending stream of wildcards in his direction (he received 10 wildcards in his first 15 tournaments of 2011) which were treated with arrogant indifference by Tomic as he only really put effort into the main events while tanking the rest. Finally, it’s all coming back to haunt him. His talent has fallen in place only a handful of times over the past eighteen months, while for the most part the ATP tour has been quite the culture shock. His weaknesses are being effortlessly exposed at all levels and the tactics he utilized so much in juniors are unsurprisingly laughably ineffective against professional tennis players. "Read the full artice here and check out some of the other posts by this contributor.LINK

Coming soon The American Coach who was not what he seemed  and how the vetting system of a club and association and National body of coaches was a complete farce.

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