Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wimbledon Day 13 Men's Final

What a match up ....will Murray achieve what no other British player has done in the Modern Era?I thought Federer was past it to win another Grandslam wrong I was when he put paid to Novak Djokovic the defending Champion.Whilst stats will be different against each opponent, things to note that Feds 1st serve percentage was 64% average speed of first serve was 118MPH.He won 75% of points from his first serve.He also won 72% of points from his second serve.Federer Will have to serve well today.Federer only made 10 unforced errors for the match.Murray does have a great return of serve.

Murray served at 60% Against Tsonga .He is going to have to at least match Fed with this stat.He did win 75 % from first serves.Murray's average first speed was 117 MPH so not a lot of difference here.Fed will return better than Tsonga did.Fed has a big edge on the second serve his average speed for his semi final was 102 MPH whilst Murray's average was just 88MPH. In a tight contest this could indeed be the telling factor.Murray made just 12 unforced errors. Fed has the edge on temperament ,and for one Murray's temperament is why I have not warmed to Murray due to his constant moaning to his players box.

Murray is a fierce competitor has he learned anything from his previous Grandslam losses? He may have but at the end of the day does his game have the substance to beat the Greatest ever male player of all time who also is chasing History.I have a feeling this could be an epic, I am hoping for a Fed win, whilst if Murray does get up it will be a reward for all his hard work starting from his juniors day.Its just the crap he goes on with on court that annoys me.Judy his mother was somewhat subdued in the Semi Final and lets hope her ass is glued to the seat today.

Finally someone tweeted that their could be a new williams on the horizon with Richard's wife expecting..Richard is 72 and if in 20 years we are watching another williams following in their sisters footsteps Richard will be 92....

My tip is Federer but anything is possible this WIMBLEDON even finally a home grown champion the first in 74 years.Murray has been pointing to the heavens after his matches this he getting divine help maybe from Fred Perry HIMSELF the last British men's champ.And last but not least Conragulations Serena on her win in the singles and doubles with sister Venus.She is a champion and has added so much to the Sport.

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