Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What is a Tennis Coach and how does this body relate to organizations that have industry standards.

If I wanted to start a business say as a doctor and I do a first aid course, we know exactly what would happen if I advertised the following week I was a qualified practitioner.

Over the next couple of months I will be posting stories of despicable treatment dished out to tennis coaches in this country.The story's here come from fare and wide but need to be told.There are many disgruntled coaches and they lack the support of a strong body to help develop and protect its members. Hence the start of a  formation called The Kiwi Tennis Coaches Association. You would wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to be a tennis coach. I am told that The Kiwi Tennis Coaches will start having meetings around the country soon and are looking for members, their aim is to build an organisation with a strong code of ethics, protecting coaches and clubs. They are of the opinion that coaches are completely 'disposable' without meeting industry standards in contracts etc.There have been many occasions where a top performing coach has been removed from a club for no good reason other then the whim of a hostile committee member, who sees need for a change, it could also be an influential parent, who sees their 'prima donna' child being reprimanded. Too many good coaches are leaving the industry sick of the politics and complete lack of respect for them. Virtually anyone can call themselves a tennis coach, many with 'Weet Bix' certificates achieved after a week ends course! Part time coaches are flooding the market, and just like dodgy house painters they offer nothing to the industry other then to cheapen it. It's a jungle out there , but I am of the opinion that their is hope with the formation of Kiwi Tennis Coaches. I have been sent many emails from coaches outlining their situation and one so shocking that would make for a 60 minutes story .In my opinion if there are not correct standards put in place it makes a mockery of the industry. In one case brought to my attention an association has even gone as far as taking out a trespass order to a long standing highly qualified tennis coach. If you are a good coach and doing a good job you should not be victimized due to personal agenda there has to be a valid reason....Unfortunately boards etc choose not to answer when questioned and that leaves coaches ...well strong coaches that are ready to stand up for principle the only option... and that option is to take legal action to be dealt a fair go.

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