Monday, September 17, 2012

Davis CupBlow up In Germany Australia fail to Qualify after going into final day 2 rubbers to 1 up

My Australian correspondent and old tennis buddy "Digger" from Dunedoo tells me it was not all rosy in Australia's Davis Cup Loss to Germany again being denied at the last hurdle to return to the World group of teams that matter.The Australian Davis cup team is now being ranked along side the Wobbly's  rugby side as simply "aint good enough". In fact between Tomic and Quade Cooper its hard to say who has been in better form..Digger says he cant split them and said he agreed with cranky Johnny Mac when he used the word that sounds like tanker to describe their play( I actually think it was Digger who used the word). I guess you have to be Aussie to decipher the code.For overseas readers I will give you a clue replace the "T" WITH "w".Well Uncle Tony really gave it to Tomic at the change of ends, Its not Rafa's Uncle Tony by the way its Aussie Legend Uncle Tony a former Davis Cup Hero back in the Days when Australia was a world power before the days of Internet, Ipads and pay TV the days when Aussie Kids played sport after school and weekends and not sitting on their ......Whoops Digger I cant use that word!Uncle Tony who was sitting behind Davis Cup legend and captain Pat Rafter ( yes I was there the day he came back from two sets down at White city to defeat Cedric Pioline), My Mate Digger was at the pub., sorry back to Diggers report.Patrick who let Tomic know he wasnt happy with his performance against A Rod at the US OPEN was being to nice and thats when Uncle Tony got up from the supporter stand and gave it to Tomic like Harry Hopman used to give it to Tony in the "good old days".Even with Uncle Tony's kind words Tomic still lost and that left poor Lleyton Hewitt to try and pick up the pieces , "fair crack of the whip " says digger "Lleyton is in pieces himself mate after so many ops " .Pat Rafter considered replacing Hewitt knowing that he could only play on one leg but then thought he would still be better than the players on the bench.

Another Tennis legend Australian Paul McNamee told SEN that the disappointing Davis Cup result is a result of poor planning."In winning matches away, overseas countries are clearly going to play us on clay, which is Lleyton’s weakest surface and Bernard Tomic’s weakest surface…

"We needed to invest quite a long time ago in more clay courts and grounding juniors on how to play on clay. Surely Bernard Tomic’s movement last night showed he’s not yet a true clay court player and that probably should have been addressed a long time ago. I do blame the administration for doing not nearly enough about clay court tennis.

Good old Paul loves to stick it up Tennis Australia the best he can , but the problem is more than Clay courts Paul its attitude and Desire! You all know Australians live in the "lucky Country" We need Heart and a return to our tradition grass roots values.Well that's all I have for you at the moment readers Digger tells me hes returning to the Pub!

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