Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Murray Lays Ghost's to rest.

I liken Murray's win similar to a cone drill I do with students, maintain consistency the cones eventually fall over.Murray yesterday finally put the Ghost of Fred Perry the last British Male 76 years ago to win a singles Grandslam. Murray was playing his 5th slam final and perseverance finally paid off.He played a smarter ,tactical game in trying windy conditions a lesson for all junior players how to adapt their game.Djokovic although he battled hard could not come to terms in so much he could not play the game he wanted to.The final sometimes looked like a local club singles battle slice backhand to slice backhand,in fact at times it became a slice and dice fest and Murray had the better control.Murray maintained a good level of depth off the ground and this was a telling factor.Murray wont be getting any Calvin Klein underwear deals from his grand slam win , he wont get the best tan award either but he does get the title that he will keep for eternity.

The Murray box was delighted at times his mother reminds me of a "punch drunk" fan getting up constantly shaking her fist in support.Lendl the coach of Murray even cracked a small smile, he indeed fits the "Grim reaper" persona to a tee.Credit to a certain extent goes to Lendl but Murray's team including his Mum played a big part.How different a year makes and the mental side of tennis become evident with Djokovic not so confident as he was this time 12 months ago.Hurry back Rafa!

For your interest below a video clip of a young Andy Murray.

I came across a very funny blog which I will give you a link to .Some people usually Rafa fans think of Federer as aloof and of course the GOAT title sits well with his idenity.The blog title is Psuedo Fed Blog and reading a few posts I found it very funny indeed.In this small excerpt from the title Minutes of the players council it is Psuedo Fed recording the minutes.

"Andy Murray sat right at the front wearing his Gold Medal and he had a very big grin on his face like a Cheshire Cat. For My fans outside of the UK, Cheshire is a county in England where their cats are always very happy.

Mr. Bradlings started the meeting by standing up and announcing that the last Australian player to win the Australian Open was Mark Edmundson in 1976. I looked at him and said, “thank you”.

Tommy Haas said if anyone has an injury during the U.S. Open they are to check with him first before calling a trainer.

I looked at him and then looked at Andy Murray who rolled his eyes (both of them)." David Nalbandian asked if the lines judges would have flimsy wooden panels like at Queens in London. Nobody knew although Serena Williams said she would check for him providing he cared to shut his d**m mouth. This moment got a little heated and I nearly called My staff but Mr. Bradlings made the interceptions and told us all that in the last two decades, Marat Safin made the most Aces (31) without a Double Fault in 2004.

Andy Murray asked how I did in the Olympics with the same grin and I gestured to staff who held up a flag that read, “Shut Up”. CHECK OUT THE BLOG AT

Finally when i started this Blog I did not think I would write and post so many articles.Nor did I think how local and world wide this blog would be read.I know some readers are not fans but they keep coming back to check what is written so that is a testimony in its self to know they care what is written.........other than that why come back :) Anyhow I received a nice comment so check it out in the comments section of this post.

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  1. Congradulations Steve on a great web site and congratulations on the success you have had with your 'students'. As a coach in a Provincial area I can appreciate the difficulties you have. Unfortunately not everyone is an admirer of success, we have a 'tall poppy' problem in NZ. Often Administrators go out of their way to make life difficult, in the end it's the kids that suffer. We need to value good Coaches in NZ, keep up the good work, regards Clem Apted Piako District Coach Te Aroha