Saturday, September 15, 2012

India Vs NZ Davis Cup Update

Well what a dissapointment I switch to Sky Channel 69 and they are showing reruns of the Rugby test NZ vs Argentina !!! C'mon I was ready as was all the listed coaches on find a tennis coach to watch this important fixture!This match is of National importance ,what about the 80,00 junior tennis players that have participated in Grasshoppers ,who cares if most of these juniors decided to play Rugby or netball, who cares if player registration in clubs decreased  last season ,Whats wrong with SKY we are a minority sport and we deserve better!Anyhow thank god for twitter!The Bollywood team of Paid and Bootapaid kept me up to date.There was many tweets when Dan King turner took the first two sets
against Indian Yuki Bhambri.There was excitement in the tweets as the team tweeted the Indian Davis Cup selectors had no clue, and how dare they leave out their hero's and doubles specialists.Unfortunately the tweets stopped as Bhambri won the next three sets .Davis Cup Captain Marcel Marceau was all smiles as Dan King Turner took the the first two sets 6-3 6-0 , the T20 supporters were very quiet and the High Performance team from NZ ecstatic.Whoops forgive me readers the New Zealand Davis Cup captain is not Marcel Marceau! Typo!Anyhow back to the match the Indian Davis Cup Captain then made a major tactical change to Bhambri's game he told him to hit the ball into the court!Amazing this tactic worked! and he won the next three sets 6-2,6-4,6-2.The Indian crowd went wild the Bollywood dancers were back, the drums sounded out throughout the stadium.The NZ high performance team naturally had dissapointment all over their faces.They had been fooled by an ingenious tactic!I tweeted Paid's and Bootapaid that they must keep me more updated and to enjoy the moment as the young 20 year old from India deserved his selection.They tweet me back and said GET REAL! well it was not the real word they used you can imagine the REAL word they used!Anyhow New Zealand's hopes now rested with Statham the NZ number 1 .However after splitting the first two sets with his Indian opponent Vishnu , he lost the third .Marcel then appealed to the Umpires for bad light and his appeal was upheld and the match with Vishnu will be completed before the doubles today,Vishnu leading two sets to one.Providing I can contact Paid and Bootapaid I will give another update soon.

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