Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Uncle Tony Nadal Says Coaches to nice to their players

Toni Nadal: "Many coaches are too servile with the players" 

'Without wishing to criticize, I see there are coaches who are too servile to the players. I see they run to hand them the water bottle or run to string their racket . That is not the case with me".

'I see what some players answer to their coaches and I can't believe it. With Rafa, the relationship is well defined. I'm the uncle but on the court I'm the coach and I make the difference clear. That relationship was always clear. And the secret is I am passionate about his success".

“(Nadal) is a correct and well brought up kid, very obediente, who let himself be guided. Intensity is Rafa’s salient feature. It isn’t that he trains more, but he does do it with more intensity. To me, that is key to his level”.

“The mind is fundamental in tennis, because mistakes are punished. In football, you miss three passes and the score a goal and you can be the best player of the match. I taught Rafa that it isn’t like that in tennis, because you do pay (for mistakes)”.

“The mind is trained too, not only the body. Since he was a kid, I never allowed him any dejection gestures”.

“Anyone who thinks himself special is not right in the head”.

“My nephew plays well at tennis, but he doesn’t think he’s a special being or superior to others. He’s polite and has his feet on the ground. Rafa suffered a lot when his parents separated, he suffers if he has an argument with his girlfriend, like anyone else”.

About Argentinian players “Del Potro has huge potencial. An injury cut the good streak he has in 2010, but he’s a complete player and I highlight his serve and his forehand”.

About Juan Mónaco, one of the “two or three best friends” of Nadal in the circuit “he improved a lot this year, though he lacks ‘punch’ is key moments. Rafa is very hapy about the moment Pico is going through”.

David Nalbandián “is of the tennis players with most class in the whole circuit. His return is incredible and it’s a pleasure to watch him play, because of how complete he is”. 


The eye agree's with Uncle Tony ....but Blood is thicker than water and Rafa and Tony are family.Too often players and especially parents run to other coaches when some basic truths and training ethics are told and enforced.Time eventually does tell and Rafa is the only player on the tour that has had his coach from junior days to current.Most Coaches adapt to the pay check at the end of the rainbow.

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