Saturday, October 20, 2012

Davis Cup Chinese Taipai 2 New Zealand 0

New Zealand will need a miracle and are facing a debacle and the 2XU Compression  team is fast becoming the 2XU Depression team. Davis Cup Captain Marcel Vos did not play New Zealands top ranked player Jose Statham on the first day electing for Michael Venus ranked some 237 places lower on the ATP rankings.Again the New Zealand High performance team was outsmarted by the opposition , they used a calculator to work out their rankings, they offered the New Zealand Davis cup captain use of the device but he said he could work out their rankings in his head....Jin-Ji Ding a ling said he could work out that the players picked did not add up how could he get 237 difference so wrong i guess he ran out of toes and fingers! Mi-hit out and Mi-hit -in lead the crowd with "hey hey .....goodbye" and "hit the road jack ..."famous taiwanese chants .As we know in tennis its not over till its over and maybe the high performance team can get it together.

Taiwan 2 New Zealand 0
Yang Tsung-hua (TPE) bt Daniel King-Turner (NZL) 4-6, 6-0, 6-3, 7-6(2)
Huang Liang-chi (TPE) bt Michael Venus (NZL) 6-4, 7-6(0), 6-3

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