Friday, October 19, 2012

Update Score NZ VS Taiwan


Sorry for the Delay however my reporter on the ground Jin-Ji-Din a Ling had to charge his mobile phone. He also sent the text in taiwanese! So I had to Google translate ....and its bad news for New Zealand. Mi -Hit- In and Mi- Hit -out was also busy( they are in charge of catering and taiwanesefanatics) they had run out of Zhuxuegao (豬血糕).  Made from pigs blood and rice, this is a local delicacy and an acquired taste. and had to call the local McDonald's to bring around some cheeseburgers. Marcel  ( DC captain)was not impressed as this seemed to cause a disturbance and break Danny KTs concentration especially after he won the first set. Any how below is the Google translate.

The New Zealand Davis Cup team has had a tough start to its Asia/Oceania Group I relegation playoff tie against Taiwan in Taipei with Dan King-Turner going down in the first singles 6-4 0-6 3-6 6-7(4) to Tsung-Hua Yang.
King-Turner went into the match with a ranking of 357 while Yang is ranked 236 in the world.
In the second singles Michael Venus was expected to face 201st ranked Ti Chen however he has been substituted by his team captain and Venus will now play Lian-Chi Huang ranked at 353.- Jin-Ji Ding a ling

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