Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Big One. Murray Vs Djokovic

This is going to be a showdown.In one corner representing Serbia Novak Djokovic weighing in at 80kgs. Height 1.88. In the other corner Andy Murray representing Scotland and weighing in at 84.1kgs and standing 1.91.Both irritate me at times , with Murray pissing me off the most! Both men deserve to be in the Final and the result will come down to who maintains his mental game over the course of the match best.Murray is like a brick wall, it has to be a great shot to get the winner..Murray has great defense and this could rattle Djoker who is also known for this skill. Djoker has the edge on flair and shotmaking and it will be him that will be more the aggressor , Murray can worry Novak by getting to shots other players cannot. Murray has improved his serve and has the edge on first serve power serving last match at 192 average whilst Novak was 188. Djoker has the better second serve at 154 average whilst murray is 140.Novak should attack the second serve of Murray every opportunity.Murray has only been tested this tournament once by Federer in the Semi, Andy loves to yell at his support team, and as the match gets tighter Murray's course language comes out ( wish the chair had the balls to give him a code violation)obviously instilled by his mother when she refused to buy Andy a new racquet as a kid .Djoker relies a lot on his support team also and they look like the New York Mafia at times. Ivan the terrible ,has been credited with the new improved Murray,I bet we get a few cameo appearances from Ivan tonight ,sometimes I get the impression when the camera flashes he's thinking what the hell am I doing here watching this crap.Both have the best return of serve in the game and whoever serves the best will gain that edge that may just get them to the finish.At least tonight there will be no fireworks! or will there ?

Ok the great news from last nights women's match is Redfoo has recorded his good friend Azarenka's scream he is going to make a new song using this...Just on record mate No Way In Hell will I will be buying it ! And of course his friend took the title from Li Na in a lack luster match. It was close but !!!!!! thats all I am saying. Well just one thing that shriek of Azarenka is a weapon how anyone can hit the ball while hearing that banshee wail is beyond me, some say It's a mating call to her goofy ass looking boyfriend.

Well enjoy the match , if you want to watch paint dry tune in for the Mixed doubles final prior to the main event.

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