Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two Young Aussies Battle it out on Australia Day.

In a November Article I wrote of a young Aussie showing great potential , Thansasi Kokkinakis 16 who today is battling another Aussie for the Junior Boys title at the Australian Open.If You missed the article I wrote click  HERE. He is playing Nick Kyrgios – the newest ITF world No.1 and third seed at the Australian Open Junior Championships. Kokkinakis was unseeded as he has been playing senior events which goes to show you sometimes points accumulated in Juniors dont mean a lot at the end of the day.Both these boys have a great future.Nick hails from Canberra and Thansai from South Australia.

I have video of Thansai practicing with Tsonga that I may post as a later entry.The eye has often brought readers to attention of up and coming players though other posts. New Zealand tends to compare their players at local level especially parents as they dream of their children making it on the tour.The eye is happy to give an assessment and a predication of any player ... where you are at and although may seem blunt exactly where you might sit eventually.Leave your email on a comment on this post and I will get back to you.At the time of writing Kokkinakis is leading 6/5 first set looking like a tie break will decide.


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