Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The eye Welcomes a new Contributor - Tony Osborne

I have written over 600 posts and My Blog is read New Zealand Wide and of course World Wide.It is certainly unique and covers a wide range of tennis topics.Yes sometimes its critical and opinionated but its a Blog.I have been threatened to take down articles but at the end of the day I try to deal with facts with a tongue in cheek theme.Yes the truth hurts and obviously ruffles some feathers, so remember if the shoe fits!  

I welcome Tony Osborne to the blog as a contributor.I asked Tony to provide readers with his background so he obliged!

I have been a fan of 'Eye Of The Tiger' for some time, and now am pleased that I will be contributing articles from time to time. My focus will be of the plight of Coaches in this Country. As a former Club Secretary and a parent who has had an association with several Coaches I believe that I see things from their perspective, and believe me it isn't pretty. I can't for the life of me see why anyone would want to be a Tennis Coach, stroppy parents, prima donna kids, poor administrators all topped off with possibly the worst National Body of any sport . We are fortunate to have some pretty good Coaches in NZ,working under some appalling conditions for little reward, all the time watching their backs from rouge Coaches ready to take their work, vindictive Committees and a confused National Organisation that offers nil support. I now have the time[ after selling my business], to devote to telling the stories of these every day Tennis Coaches, I will try and workout why NZ is just not producing Tennis Champions. I see after reading NZ Tennis's Passing Shots that they are seeking support for the Davis Cup, New Zealand playing against Lebanon most Kiwis would be asking, 'where's Lebanon'.

A little about myself, I was born in Wellington, and played a little Tennis at School, but ended up playing Rugby, my parents moved to Canberra where dad worked at the NZ Embassy, I was further educated there, and after Leaving University, I backpacked through Europe where I met my beautiful wife Heidi. We moved to NZ, 18 yrs ago and had our own Importing business, we are now pretty well retired and enjoy our Grandkids who incidentally play Tennis!. I am concerned with what has happened to this great game in NZ, and have fond memories of Onny, Brian Fairlie, the Simpsons, and Kelly Everden those players gave us something to be proud of , we neen to get that pride back, Regards Tony Osborne.

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