Saturday, April 6, 2013


More news from the Pakistan and New Zealand farce with a reporter stating these remarks

"The reason is very simple, the Australia-New Zealand connection forced the referee to forfeit the tie in New Zealand favour. When this correspondent contacted Pakistan camp in Myanmar to know the actual position, the sources confirmed that it was looking the said official was not hired by the ITF, as he was giving all out support to New Zealand."

"The sources further revealed that the referee didn't bother to take advice from the ground staff, as there was a very minor 1½ inch hole appeared in the surface, which could have been easily be repaired or the referee could have given that particular match to New Zealand and the next matches should have started today, but referee was in a hurry to allocate the tie to Kiwis.The New Zealand team management immediately flew their two players back to New Zealand to kill any chance of the matches to take place again."

"The ITF should have kept in mind the link between the referee and New Zealand before hiring the guy for such a prestigious event."

"The culprit referee should be banned for life for bringing the game into dispute and either the tie should be continue from same position or the tie should be awarded to Pakistan."

READ THIS FULL UNBIASED ARTICLE HERE.( And I used the word unbiased as tongue in cheek)


  1. It won't help Pakistans cause that they say the referee has no experience and doesn't know how to ref on grass. How would they have felt if Qureshi had a career ending injury in the hole in the grass court.

  2. they would probly would feel as good as Sitak did losing to a player that is not even playing on the circuit.Oh but it was the surface was it not?

  3. Qureshi had more to loose then the Kiwi Players, he is actually making a good living from the circuit, did he complain about the court surface?