Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The traffic on the blog has been for me surprising.It is increasing in readers and visitors world wide.It attracts comments far and wide. Kiwi Great Chris Lewis left this comment on the Tennis Player Pathway Article."Paul McNamee is 100 per cent correct. It should not be the role of a national body to sever successful relationships between private coaches and their students; the proper role of a national body should be to support and nurture those relationships. There is no surer way to minimize a nation’s chances of producing champions than to alienate the entire private coaching community by effectively declaring war on them. Tennis Australia’s divisive and, as Paul points out, fatally flawed approach to junior development does, though, have one redeeming feature; namely, it provides a superb model for guaranteed future success as all one would have to do is implement the exact opposite of every one of its failed and failing policies." 

New Zealand needs input from former players like Lewis , of course if you have success  as a player and a coach there is always a culture that is very much thriving here on the local scene and that is to get rid of individuals with strong opinions and a history of success.

I enjoy looking at the stats on my blog especially how visitors come to land on the site.It may be a word such as "Middle Finger"or it could be a name like Serena Williams. The search engines then display articles and often listings to The Tigers Eye.

It also shows stats for repeat visitors as well as unique visitors , country and city.


  1. Hi Steve,
    At last a voice that represents all Tennis fans please keep up the work, we need people like you to stand up to the establishment, Regards Colin Miles Auckland.

  2. Full support from me, great site and interesting comments. Great things can be achieved in group efforts.
    -Rubin Statham