Monday, June 3, 2013

Roland Garros 2013 The Dirt Files - Day 9

Recap - The worst part at watching tennis at home is that you are pretty much stuck to watching one of the show court matches.A classic match between Almagro and Robredo was being played whilst many had to watch Serena pulverize another player.I really think that the television coverage is quite boring and very stereotyped more court switches and interviews should be mixed with the live coverage of a show court.Rodger went 5 with Simon, not convincing some great shots but not a high quality match over the distance.Serena Belted Vinci and unfortunately for Anna Ivanovic Radwanska could hit 4 balls back in a row.Have you ever wondered how much players earn per round at Roland Garros? Below is the earnings per round .Where I am going with this after the Grand Slam chart I will post what the majority of tennis players earn in the future tournaments. Its been applauded that their has been an increase at the major tournaments but nothing major for the hopefuls that sit 190 + in the world.

Not a bad payout , especially for wildcards that did not have to qualify.Young Australians Ash Barty and Nick Kyrgios won a round and earned a $45,465 pay check.Both received Wildcards to the main draw in a reciprocal arrangement with the French who get Wildcards for players to the Australian Open.I think both are deserving but of course they did not play there way into the event as other qualifiers did. Ok looks glamorous does it not.But take players trying to make  like Rubin Statham New Zealand's top player he and many more are really battling to make enough money to pay expenses whilst building their ranking points.These guys are doing it tough and have no funds for coaches and some eventually have to leave the tour because of finances.With little support from National body's what chance have these players who are busting their "guts" to get ahead. Below are the prize money on offer at the 10,000 and 15,000 ITF Future events.

So Rubin won the singles event a week ago at a 15,000 ITF event in Korea, after Deduction take home pay was around $1365.00 the following week Statham lost early.During the same week Statham won the doubles..take home was around $330.00 Take in account of Travel etc there is little left from the winnings! Common Federer , Nadal and Murray  and co you can make a difference in advocating more prize money at the bottom end.Its very much the same with the Ladies and Serena etc should spend less time on nails and get behind the players of the future. These events need prize money increases , players need support teams just like the top guys but the reality is they cant afford a doctors visit let alone have a coach with them! They are limited to where they can play and how many events they can get to. Well that is my opinion!

The Junior Roland Garros Champs- I have written many times that high ITF junior rankings can be misleading , you have to look where points have been accumulated and also have an understanding that many of the elite juniors do not front up to a lot of junior events.Overnight former New Zealander now Great Britain Cameron Norrie who was ranked top 10 went out first round 7/5 6/2 convincingly  beaten ( points wise it was around 74 to 50).The young guy that beat him was Christian Garin from Chile aged 17. Garin was unseeded whilst Norrie was 15th seed. Garin since January has been playing Future events and doing pretty darn good reaching a couple of finals!.Another young player that had to qualify as his Junior ranking is in the 1,000s Albert Alcaraz Ivorra too out the 9 th seed yesterday.He has been playing futures also and made some finals this year.The same is happening you bet in the Girl's event yesterday five girls seeds went including the No 3 and No 4 seeds.A qualifier who I think is one of the favourites Sara Sorribes Tormo is also unseeded and won her first round .

Nick Kyrgios the World Junior Number 1 and who did well in the Main draw Men's, is top Seed for the Boys.I do not think he can win this event on clay , there are a number of reasons, the main is that he is back playing amongst his peers and the pressure is all on him, most of the other guys will be keen to play him and will lift their game as they have nothing to lose.I still think Nick has a way to go physically and moving on this surface so it will be interesting as the draw unfolds, I hope as an Aussie I am wrong.

I will try to keep you up to date with the juniors.

My Top 3 matches today are below.

It will be interesting to see how Nadal starts today, Wawrinka and Gasquet could be another classic and I am hoping Hampton wipes that fake smile of Jankovic.

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  1. You were totally correct with Kyrgios he lost yesterday!