Saturday, January 18, 2014

Aussie Open Day 6

So another day of heat and the above picture says it all.I am sure a lot of players felt like a fried egg!,especially those on the losing end.

Sam Stosur went down to Anna Ivanovic, I did not think Stosur played bad she was beaten by a player with a better game .

Serve -Anna varied her serve throughout the match although Stosur had the higher percentage of first serves in at 68% she only won 61% compared with Anna who served at 58% but won 81% of points on first serve.The tour players have worked out Stosur she does not serve wide to the forehand side effectively and the Kicker down on the backhand side sits up to be crunched. Stosur does not fare well at Wimbledon because she cannot hit a slice serve.Anna serving wide to Stosur on the forehand side won many points.

Cannot understand why her coaches have not worked on variety with the serve and developed a slice serve as well has her stock kick serve.

Movement - this is a key for all players and for Sam its the weakest area of her game, pushed into the corners really shows this deficiency , really to much muscle and just is way to slow .This effects her forehand which she often shanks but is her main weapon ..not being in position causes shanks.Her backhand slice is ok but again put into the corners and weight of shot is just not strong enough.Same with the two hander , perfect example was when Anna was at the net Stosur had a chance to drill it through or past Anna , did not hit it hard enough and Anna plucked off the volley.

Stosur has had these deficiency's for a long time and to me no one has addressed these areas.Really the word is out how to play Sammy and those that can exploit these weaknesses will do well. 

Had an email from Willy the photo extraordinaire ( hope security did not search you this year and your lens was the correct size!)Willy is at the Australian Open and sent me this short email and picture."Thought you might like to see these photos that I took to put on your
website, its been that hot here in the day that this has been happening each
night around us. Seen some great games of tennis when we haven't melted like butter 44 degrees lots of ball kids passing out I think that's why the heat
wave came in because they didn't have enough ball kids left."

Keep  the sunscreen on Willy don't want you passing out with the heat!

Great pictures of the storms that come after the heat of the day in Melbourne!

Matches on Day 6 that I will be looking at.

Nadal Vs Monfils - I think Rafa's best test so far.

Raonic vs Dimitrov -I think one of the best matchups two of the younger players that have the potential to do well up against each other!!!

The Junior singles start today,Good luck to the Kiwis who have qualified for the main draw a great experience coming...all will find the going tough!

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