Thursday, July 24, 2008

Girl 8 kicked out from Tennis Tournament

Who would of thought the age of "high tech" coaching would surface in a 10 and under girls singles event in Christchurch New Zealand.An eight-year-old tennis player was kicked out of a Canterbury tournament for receiving instructions via a hidden ear-piece.It was reported that a receiver was concealed under a thick headband. The Tournament referee Rob Wilkinson said that "it was noticed Ana's game had a "heightened degree of questioned calls".The receiver was similar to a rugby referee's earpiece with a box at the base of the back and a cord under the shirt up to the earpiece and headband.
It was the girl's first tournament.The father of the 8 year old said he was only helping his daughter keep the score..I feel sympathy to the junior girl player who would not have known the consequences of what was happening , I must ask in Round Robin event was it nesssary to withdraw the 8 year old from the tournament? The father should have been "pulled aside" and explained this was not acceptable to penalize the girl was "harsh" to say the least.Believe me a 10 and under event in Christchurch is not the WTA tour and whilst officials will say there was little they could do there must of been another way to handle this. I mean what ever the "father was saying via the reciever it wasnt helping ,her scorline was 1-9,1-6,6-4,0-6 before she was withdrawn.Leave a comment was this a harsh ruling? or was the referee correct in this decision.

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