Monday, July 28, 2008

The Key To Success

All sports fight for the "dollars" ,funding is a crucial element of any sporting organization.One of the biggest hurdle is spending the "money" in area's that will increase 1.Participation and 2.Making your sport a success on a National and International scale.An even balance must be achieved never forgetting the grass route levels but also spending the money correctly at the top also.One of the wealthiest national body's are the LTA
England and they have been under achievers for many years considering the amount of funds they have in the "coffers".Not long ago, Brad Gilbert was paid a reputed £750,000 a year by the LTA to coach Andy Murray, making him the only player on the ATP Tour to have his coach paid for by a nation’s governing body.The all star coaching team amassed by the LTA goes beyond Gilbert. There is Paul Annacone, the former coach to Pete Sampras and Tim Henman; Carl Maes, who guided Kim Clijsters to the top of the women’s game; Nigel Sears, an Englishman who has worked with Amanda Coetzer and Daniela Hantuchova; Steve Martens, the former Belgium Davis Cup captain; Jens Gerlach, coach to Anastasia Myskina when she won the French Open; and Martin Bohm, who once worked with many of the top Swedes and Greg Rusedski.Educated guesses are that the LTA are spending £2.5m a year at the top end and very little at the bottom end.What Tennis New Zealand could do with that sort of money it equates to over $6 million nz. Tony Hawks a journalist has led recently through the newspaper a push highlighting the need for money to be spent wisely and more evenly through the system.You can read his articles at and also .Here in New Zealand junior players wanting to succeed at tennis face a huge financial commitment.A promising junior with a high national ranking in New Zealand can expect to be facing a budget such as this.Equipment:includes rackets,shoes,balls,and attire $1000 Coaching:includes lessons,Fitness training and camps $7280
Competition:includes travel,hotel and entry fee's $8650 so a yearly total is around $16,930.00. Elite juniors face these figures,and the fact is that too get better Tennis players at this level cannot do it just in New Zealand itself.I'm sure that if funding was available more players at this level would stay in the sport and improve New Zealands World standing. At the moment for a junior wanting to do well internationally in New Zealand the "Key to success" is dollars. Your comments would be appreciated .

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