Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wimbledon Mens Final "May the Best Man Win"

Roger Federer if he wins this years final against Rafael Nadal will go down as a truley Wimbledon Great. For the past 5 years he has owned this event but just as Borg was defeated finally by McEnroe, this years final will be Roger's hardest battle. Nadal came close last year, surely he has learnt from that encounter where he pushed Federer to the 5th set. Its a classic match up Federer has more of a grass court game, but Borg showed us if your good enough you will win on any surface. Nadal has improved his serve, will this be a key to winning the final.Nadal has a winning "head to head" 11-6 ,his last win be it on clay was a complete demolition of Federer. Mind games will play a large part in determining
the result.Federer had a nervous first set against Hewitt ,Nadal will prove more than a challenge , Federer could over power Hewitt, I doubt the same can be said for Nadal. Although he wont admit it the record of winning 6 successive Wimbledon men's singles will play on his mind, Nadal has nothing to lose he can go for "broke" there's no pressure on him .This extra burden that Federer will take into the final may be the telling point. Roger is aware of history and he will have to play the match of his life to keep the "Spanish bull" from holding the trophy aloft. Here's some statistics that may be relevant for the final. Nadal is in the top 10 of first serve percentages however is not in the top 10 in winning points from 1st serves, Federer is, Nadal however leads the tour on points won on second serves .Roger Federer is 3rd on the tour with percentage of serves won.Nadal has the best percentage on tour in returning and winning against first serves.Nadal is fitter faster and stronger ,If Both Men play to their potential it will be truly an outstanding Wimbledon Final. In the end Federer has more to lose than Nadal and I think we will have a new Mens title holder. If the fed express prevails he deserves the label of Wimbledons greatest mens champion . For lot's of good information check out the Wimbledon Site.

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