Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Tennis Player's Olympic Preparations can be somewhat Different to other Olympic Sports

For many athletes the preparation for the 2008 Olympics started 4 years ago.They hope to peak right at the time of Competition in Beijing for their particular sport.For tennis players especially among the the World's Best, Grandslams are their main focus and "peaking" for these are priority.Tennis this year has attracted a strong field, Of the top 20 men, 17 will compete in Beijing; and there will be 18 of the top 20 women.Who does remember who wins Olympic tennis medals?. Who can remember that Stefan Edberg won the bronze medal in 1988 or that the Williams sisters won doubles gold in Sydney, or that Mardy Fish won the silver medal in Athens 2004?And Nicolas Massu won gold in the Men's at the last games.For many athletes going to the games they are still truly amateurs in their representative sport compared to their
"elite" tennis counterparts. Whilst many are hoping that the Federer/Nadal rivalry will continue in Beijing,the tennis players really enjoy an atmosphere that is unique to them, standing along side of the other Worlds best Athletes is a moment they will remember, and this moment may be the highlight many are looking for and the medals at the end may all seem insignificant to winning a Grandslam . Look for upsets and punters beware.Read what the Irish Times has to say about big time sports at the Olympics

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