Monday, January 18, 2010

12s Team Event - The Doubles are crucial!

Often the Doubles can decide a match at National Teams events, playing the right combination can sway a tie your way.Get it wrong and you pay the price.The teams event is underway in Hamilton and Southern girls have lost 2 heartbreak ties against Waikato and Central both on count backs.I am back in Timaru after 5 days with Annabel Ellis, Sam Lane and Anna Cochrane. Yesterday Annabel won 5th play off defeating Megan Rogers and Sam went down in a hard fought encounter in three sets to Arash Hafezi.I have to say that these events are great to see where players are at and especially as a coach to see how your juniors compete at this level.Both Sam and Annabel improved their skills and experience immensely from this tournament.It gives me a clear indication on what they need to work on for future development as an elite player.Special mention to Anna Cochrane who is playing her first National event ,in my opinion Anna is gaining a huge amount from this tournament.Watching each of her singles matches I saw a steady improvement ,especially learning to keep technique and concentration consistently at a high level , fall below and you start losing points very quickly.Watching Anna also shows me what is needed to allow Anna to develop to the level of Sam and Annabel.News from the past couple of rounds has Anna winning both singles rubbers she has competed in so WELL DONE ANNA!.Sam Lane reversed his playoff result defeating Hafezi 6-3 6-2,against Auckland, showing that he learned a lot from his loss yesterday,and that juniors is exactly what is meant by learning from a losing Game. Annabel Ellis playing Number 1 singles position is getting plenty of tough matches.

Above picture has Anna in action with the Southern Uniform on show.

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