Wednesday, January 13, 2010

National 12 Hardcourts underway -Hamilton

The National 12s kicked of in Hamilton today. I am here with Anna Cochrane (pictured top) Sam Lane (Left) and Annabel Ellis (right). Both Sam and Annabel had comfortable wins today, with Anna losing her match. Sam is seeded 4th in the boys and he had too much class and power winning 6-0 6-1.Ellis seeded 6th won 6-2 6-3 but lost momentum a few times. Its all learning experience in this age and juniors must not be too hard on themselves during a match, you should save all your energy for your opponent and not have a running battle with ones inner self at times during a match. Anna Cochrane played a good first set against Jessica Shaw( Canterbury)losing it 6-2 after some hard fought rally’s. Feeling more pressure from her opponent Anna stopped being aggressive in the second set and allowed her opponent to dictate, losing the second set 6-0. Play continues tomorrow with some great match ups,after a day you could say which was very uneventful.

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