Thursday, May 30, 2013

Roland Garros 2013 The Daily Dirt Day - 5

RECAP : Remember that song! "Sweet Caroline ,Good times never seem so bad!"Well the Ladies 10 th seed Caroline Wozniacki was bundled out by Bojangles Jovanovski and with that result knocked me out from my own competition in the Ladies section.."Id be inclined never to pick you again" as the song goes! Well my version anyhow.She said after the match "“My confidence is fine. It's obviously not as fun to go back and practice and feel like you're putting all the hard work into it, but it doesn't pay off. It's always obviously more fun when you're winning… It hasn't been my tournament here. It's all about just momentum, I guess. Hopefully it will turn and I'll start winning some more.” Yeh Sure Wozza!

Ok as expected the young Australian Nick Kyrgios went down to Marin Cilic , I am sure the young bloke learned lots. Cilic is a step up from other opponents and he defused the serve of Kyrgios making the youngster play more balls and of course fewer cheap points that he is used to getting.I did watch the match and noted that his mobility especially on clay will have to improve. Cilic really found a weakness in the young Aussie's ability to move forward and hurt him with a few well timed drop shots. Cilic played well and was simply too good.

The Monfils vs Gulbis match was entertaining with the Local guy getting there .I am not sure what to make of Gulbis but his post match interviews certainly caused a stir.He called Federer , Nadal ,Djokovic and Murray Boring. He had this to say. " I respect Rodger,Rafa, Novak and Murray but, For me all four of them are boring players" Gulbis said" Honestly they are boring as crap. I often go to You Tube to watch interviews.With tennis I quickly stop.Its a joke" "Its Federer who started the fashion.He has a superb image of a Swiss Gentleman perfect for him.I repeat I respect Federer but I don't like younger players try to imitate him. When I hear them answer like Rodger, I am terrified by phrases like : "I had a little more success at certain moments and that is how I won"...I don't even want to hear a guy I won't name and thinks all his opponents are a***holes..putting on an act!"Gulbis if he has not said enough already went on to say 

" I would like interviews to be more like boxing.Ok maybe those guys are not the brightest ( oh oh ernest! c'mon are you referring to John Tomic) but when they face each other down at weigh-in they bring what the fans want:War Blood,emotion.All that is missing in tennis,where everything is clean,and white with polite hand shakes and some nice shots.While the people want to see broken rackets and hear outbursts on the court" You know the funny thing about what Gulbis says is right for a lot of the fans! Just look up you tube and see how many views court blow ups and tantrums have!

 Ernest has upset a lot of people he better be careful of upsetting Tennis Mums! They are the worst ,spiteful , jealous and just plain ugly ...well a lot of the ones I know!..I do have to add I know some nice ones also! Andy Murray mother Judy tweeted this recently.

Well I know Ernest has good footwork as shown below he will need it !

Great work Ash Barty to move into the second round which will be played today against 12 th seed Maria Kirilenko. At 17 the young Aussie is on track and it will be interesting to see how she shapes up against a quality player.

So cheating in the top of the game does it exist ? Of course it does .Ok not many people can beat Serena so in the quarters of Madrid, Anabel Media Garrigues at the change of ends got the ball boys to gather all the balls and tried a new tactic.. anyhow watch the video see for yourself did not work and it is definitely not aloud ...what was the umpire doing for goodness sake! 

By the way 28,000 views on this ..see Gulbis was right!!!! This is what we want to see!

My Top 3 Matches of the day are as above. Let me say this is a great day of quality tennis and expect a few upsets both men and women have some huge matchup's. Tommy Haas is an incredible player one if not the oldest player in the draw at 35 years. He is the 12 th seed and one of the great players never to win a slam! Ok Jack Sock lets see what you have against this guy youngster vs veteran ..its going to be good and one I will be watching. Battle of the Americans ,Harrison has a younger brother I think will be better but this guy will be looking to take Isner down friends here on court today.  Verdasco vs Tippsy can Verdasco show the tennis he is capable of maybe an upset here today.

This has been a Day 5 Dirt File Report.

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    Hey by accident came across your blog...who does the artwork for you? or do you find it on the net.
    Loved this post especially the video and cheating!
    Keep up the posts will check back regular!