Monday, May 6, 2013

There're Creepy and there Spooky- Tomics father in Jail for assault on hitting partner!

There're Creepy and there kookey
Mysterious and Spookey

JOHN Tomic is likely to face court in Madrid today after allegedly assaulting French player Thomas Drouet (pictured with Tomic above middle)as reports emerge the infamous coach might also have attacked his son Bernard in Monte Carlo last week.

John Tomic is said to have been held in custody after his arrest at a Madrid hotel for allegedly attacking Drouet, who is employed by the Tomics as Bernard's regular practice partner.
The shocking news comes after a Monte Carlo news outlet claimed John Tomic had struck Bernard during a public practice session in Monaco last Tuesday.

Drouet and John Tomic are alleged to have clashed in the street outside the hotel.Drouet was knocked out and left with a broken nose, fractured vertebrae and stitches after the alleged attack which was witnessed by leading players, including Alexandr Dolgopolov and Janko Tipsarevic.

Drouet was said to be bleeding from the nose, lips and face. An unnamed witness said police and an ambulance were called.
European media reported said a man - believed to be John Tomic - was arrested at the hotel and had blood on his face when taken into custody.
It is understood he spent a number of hours in custody before being released yesterday evening (local time).
Bernard Tomic subsequently lost to Czech veteran Radek Stepanek 6-3 6-2 in the first round of the Madrid Masters.
Ok its time to go John ....Goodbye you are the weakest link. I first came across Tomic's father at the Australian 14s Winter Nationals in Brisbane which my niece was playing.I was watching Tomic then 14 playing another boy , there was one supporter clapping loudly each time Tomic's opponent won a point..I said to some one is that the boys father they said no its TOMICS! My niece made the final as did Tomic of that event. Hopefully the ATP will take action ...Tomic Snr must go ..somethings up as the Bernards clay court season has been ordinary so far.

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  1. Tennis is a non contact sport... isn't it?

  2. Crazy Dumb parents!! should not get involved with their kids especially at Bernard Tomic's age the old man is a control freak! and deserves to be in goal. As a Tennis Coach it drives me crazy when Parents interfere. Bernard needs a good coach, Craig Auckland.