Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Eyes 2013 French Open Competition - Mens

The second Grand-slam of the year is commencing Readers are invited to participate in this competition.Its easy and you will enter the draw as a player and just like the competitors you win or you go home.
How it works : It's easy , you pick the winner but their is a twist ! From round one you must pick a men's winner in that round , so for example Round 1 you may pick Nadal to progress......logic says that's a sure bet , however the twist is you cannot pick the same player again as the draw progresses! So if Nadal wins the tournament after you picking him in Round one... unfortunately you will not! So use your tennis knowledge and hopefully your last pick will be the winner.

How to enter : You will see the comments section on this post so for example all first round picks must be lodged in the comments section.You must make up a nickname that you keep for the whole tournament.
So for example   Nickname or ID : The eye     My pick R1 Bernard Tomic I am just giving an example *I would not be that stupid to select Tomic given the recent slam bam and thank you man events*.
Each day winners will be updated and you will enter your next pick on the update post.(comments at bottom of post click on)

You must have your entry in prior to the start of the days plays for the round you are picking.(For the start of the tournament Each round is usually played over two days, the top or bottom half of the draws will be played) Your first round pick must be from Round 1 matches.
The First Days Scedule can be found here

The men's full draw can be found here


Yes their will be a women's contest also just look for that post if you want to enter the Ladies Contest Also.