Monday, May 6, 2013

Update Tennis in turmoil --- Yep New Zealand

With interest I listened to Radio Sport with Brendon Telfer discussing the move by Norrie to Great Britain with Lee Radovanovich . I have included the link for you guys to listen to.

Radovanovich made some good points. The chat starts around 6.32 into the time slot posted.A great point was made during the discussion ,which I have advocated on this blog that juniors can get higher rankings that sometimes are inflated depending on where they have picked up points.He says that Norrie has played twice as many tournaments than most juniors inside the top 10 and a lot of points have been accumulated in the Asia Pacific region....He said this was ideal for gaining a USA college scholarship that most New Zealand junior tennis players aspire too. He also was critical of the current standard of Junior tennis in this country and went on to say that New Zealand had missed the boat about 10 years ago.He did say that Norrie had made the right call.Alan Chester from the Seed Foundation approached the Norrie family offering whatever they wanted funding wise for Cameron, they declined. Radovanovich said even if New Zealand Tennis had the money they do not know how to use it! Telfer then asked Radonanovich had New Zealand Tennis learned anything from this...he said no ...they have not learned anything in the past 15 years.He went on to say that the best place for promising juniors was not New Zealand!

Yep sadly it makes sense to me!

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