Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today my niece turns 21. Wow how time flys it was only yesterday I was feeding her tennis balls and watching her do handstands as she played her first tennis match!Although tennis has been on the back burner in the last few years it played a big part in Kirsty's younger years.She was the top girl for Central West NSW for many years , making the NSW state primary school team twice.On moving to New Zealand Kirsty won many Canterbury titles, reached semi of National events and played in Southern teams that won silver and bronze at nationals.Kirsty was not an aggressive player she suffered from nerves and found the competition side to be sometimes overwhelming, but stepping onto the court she always gave her best.She picked up the racket again this year to play for South Canterbury at senior quads winning all her matches.Her trophy cabinet back in Australia is a legacy of her tennis which is filled with wins from all over NSW.Playing tennis has helped Kirsty in life aspects even though she probably doesn't know it yet.I wrote in her card today these few words.

Time is too slow for those who want
Too Swift for those who fear
Too Long for those who grieve
Too Short for those who rejoice
But for those who love, time is eternity.

Happy Birthday Kirsty- UNCLE

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  1. Indeed time does fly - she was a "bump" when last i saw her ..

    happy 21st