Saturday, May 15, 2010

World Power

So which country and continent is performing well on the Men's Atp World rankings. Where is the power base.Spain and France head the top of the table with 12 men each inside the top 100 Male Players.Germany is next on 10 and the USA comes in 4th on 8.Argentina is 5th with 6.Australia appears in the Top 100 equal with a few countries who have two players inside the top 100.Australia is the only country in the Asia/Oceania group that ranks inside this group.Does this tell you something about basing yourself this side of the world in Men's Tennis.Lets take the top 250 Men and see if there is a change with the country's.Spain is still at the top of the list with 25 and France is still second on 23.USA come in third with 21.So depth wise USA still has a good representation in the top 250 men players.Germany(19) an Argentina(18) are still up there.Australia comes in 8th one player behind Russia who is 7th. Again the lack of players from China and Japan which signals that World power is the other side of the World.Taking in a wider range Top 500 Men players ,France takes the top country with the most players inside the top 500 on 39 followed by Spain on 38 ,Argentina on 36,Germany on 31 and USA on 30.Australia has 19 players and India and Japan feature with 8 players inside the top 500.Sadly New Zealand does not appear depth wise.So Aspiring junior Tennis players the longer you keep testing yourself against locals with the feel good "I can get an ITf ranking point from Fiji or New Caledonia" the chance is that's the level you will always be at.The statistics are there and its always nice to dream but the sooner you test yourself against quality opposition the better.We don't have the depth this side of the World and that is the very essence of improvement, forget Australia's cry for more clay courts to improve their play its depth we need and that intern will make stronger work and practice ethics.Life here is just too easy for most junior tennis players and whilst talent abounds its more the mindset we have to improve.

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  1. hi Steve
    can you do the same for the Ladies, it is interesting.