Friday, May 28, 2010

Tennis its enough to pull your hair out!

The above picture tells it all.Even at Pro Level general human traits that we see at our regular junior tournaments transgress.If you watch Monfils/Fognini match you will see a bunch of visable emotions from both players.Its pretty easy for an outsider to see these work against the player on route to a loss and very hard for the player to assess what those negatives are that need improving.Monfils should of had the match won,he himself must work more on the mental side of his game.No doubt he has the talent but at this level you have to be able to think also.On the other side Fognini may have needed a win like this to help his career.He has been for a long time thought of as the next big thing in Italian tennis but has so far failed to live up to this.This match may be a turning point.Time will tell.

A couple of posts ago I had an article whats up with Australian Tennis.Well I soon will be posting an update on Whats up with New Zealand tennis.Whilst the post about Australia had some seen to be moves in the right direction, my post wont be as flattering in regards to junior development here in the Land of the Long white Cloud.

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