Monday, May 31, 2010

What you say about my Fashion Sense!

As expected the Fed Express won yesterday whilst Venus Williams will just be left to concentrate on the doubles as she lost to Petrova.Tsonga lasted one set and retired,I mean why come out if you are injured play a set call the trainer and then default.Whats with these latest French Players seem to get injured way to much.Soderling I would say after watching him last match is definitely a Contender after some of his Facial expressions showing his fire.He plays Federer next and that wont go all Feds way.Here is a piece from Soderling's interview after beating Cilic.

Q. If I understand you correctly, are you saying that basically the difference between last year and this year and maybe between a top 20 player and a top 3 or 4 player, 5 player, is that you learn how to win without playing at your best level, that is, knowing how to win without being at your top level?
ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I'd like to think so. If you look at all the top guys, they're not playing the best tennis every week. Maybe you have three or four, maybe five matches in a year where you feel like you play really, really well.
The other 50 matches you still have to win, and then all the top guys, they win a lot of matches against good players without playing the best tennis. I think that's the biggest difference between a guy ranked in the top 10 and the guy ranked in the top 30, 40.

Q. You've cracked that secret. Can you tell us how it's done? Can you give us just one example of knowing how to win when you're not...
ROBIN SODERLING: Of course, winning a lot of matches against good players gives you confidence. I think this year and also last year I won a lot of matches against really good players, so my confidence is good.
You know, in matches like this, it's very often it's a couple of points here and there which decides the match. And then the guy who has the best confidence wins the match and the points most of the time.

This is very much a valid point that every time you go onto the court you cant play your best tennis and players that learn how to win matches when they are not playing their best are the ones that come though.A lesson for all you junior players out there.

Other winners Justine Henin,Tomas Berdych ..who sent Andy Murray back across the channel where he can prepare for "Murray Mania" ...Francesca Schiavone,Elena Dementieva and Caroline Wozniacki.

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