Sunday, May 16, 2010

World Power -WTA

It is not surprising that Russia has the most female players inside the top 100 with 15 players.The women's stats are somewhat interesting and one can see by looking deeper into each country's player base its not hard to see who will be dominating for sometime.Russia will continue dominance with female players for a long time, 29 Russian's are ranked inside the top 200 and increases to 41 if you look at the top 500.Next is another Eastern block country the Czech Republic have 8 inside the top 100 increases to 11 top 200 and 20 top 500.The women's game is very different from the men's with Spain and France leading the way in the Men's game. France in the ladies has 6 inside the Top 100 , 7 top 200 and 28 top 500 so depth wise looking OK.Germany is steady also with 7 inside the top 100, 9 inside the top 200 and 21 inside the top 500.Italy is also doing well in the Women's game 6 inside the top 100, 10 inside the top 200 and 28 inside the top 500 so definitely a Nation to watch.The USA has 5 inside the top 100 ,14 inside the top 200 and 44 inside the top 500 so looks like they are building also.Spain who are so dominate in the Men's have 4 inside the top 100 , 9 inside the top 200 and 23 inside the top 500.Lets look at closer to home Asia and Oceania region.Australia have just 3 inside the top 100 , 8 inside the top 200 and 19 inside the top 500.Doing it hard and not looking good for the next few years either.China has 3 inside the top 100 , 6 inside the top 200 and 17 inside the top 500, a large nation and looking at numbers depth wise still has a lot of work to do.Japan has 2 inside the top 100 , 7 inside the top 200 and 24 inside the top 500.Good little players and emphasis "little" genetically can not dominate in the current world game. And now New Zealand! Just 1 player inside the Top 200 and that's Sacha Jones at 163.Marina Erakovic is now 675!So look at the statistics if you are seriously thinking of winning Wimbledon or being inside the top 10 players in the World.Stats are against us for sure this side again as I have said in previous articles key component's...... depth and mind set ....essential for a strong tennis environment.

Blue = Top 100
Green = Top 200
Red = Top 500

Rankings are from the latest On WTA site.

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