Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nadal an Ordinary Guy

The thing I like about Nadal that makes him stand out from the rest of the Top men Tennis Players is that he is very humble and try's to be just a good tennis player that wins a few majors. No Hollywood persona from this guy. I came across this recent interview where he speaks about the tournament and a personal look at life at home and his every day life during the tournament.When asked about Wimbledon Nadal says "I love everything about it,..... The grass gives something special to the tournament. When you walk around it's different to other places. My goal was always to play well here on grass. I did that in 2006, playing in the final for the first time. That was a big surprise for me. To do it another time the next year made me think: 'I can really play well here.' When I won in 2008, it was one of the most emotional moments of my career, if not the most emotional.A lot of players stay close by the grounds and rent private houses .Nadal goes on to say about staying so close "It's good,'' "You stop for practice, you walk home, I walk back to practice. It's different from normal weeks when you are in a hotel. It feels more like you are at home. I walk to the courts every day." In the interview Nadal speaks about who does the cooking during Wimbledon and does he cook at home? Nadal still lives with his family in his Majorca home and lets us in on a few things including where his trophy's are kept."On one floor there is my room, my sister's room and my parents' room, and there is another room with a sofa and a big TV. My Wimbledon trophy is in there. I also have my five Roland Garros trophies in there. The Wimbledon trophy is in the middle. I also have five Romes, my six Monte Carlos and my five Barcelonas. I have my Wimbledon trophy on top of my TV.''
Now that about says it all and I can imagine that trophy replica sitting on his Tv.There's a lot more in the article so here is the LINK

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