Saturday, June 5, 2010

Roland Garros Day 14 Ladies Final Pick

So if you read yesterday's tips I gave you the Soderling tip in five sets and the Nadal tip in three sets.Today is ladies final Day!

Whilst we all know Tennis results do not always go the way they should .Barring stage fright Sam Stosur will be the First Australian female to win a Grandslam singles title since Evonne Cawley ( Goolagong) thirty years ago.Their head to head history proves that. Stosur is 4-1 against Schiavone on tour and that includes 4 straight victories , two of which were on clay. Schiavone has beaten Stosur just one time and that was back in their first meeting in 2005 on hard courts at a time when Stosur was still improving.Justine Henin could not handle the kick from the Stosur serve especially off her favorite backhand wing,Shiavone has also a single handed back hand and will have the same problems Henin did.Stosur will just over power the Italian and unless she suffers a bad case of nerves there is little hope for Francesco....I am sure she will have a game plan and that could be to exploit the movement of Stosur but it will have to be of such a high level and no room for errors .Stosur to WIN.

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