Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roland Garros Day 11 - picks

Nicolas Almagro(ESP)[19] vs. Rafael Nadal(ESP)[2]
Nadal will work over Almagro's backhand big time. Rafa will do what Federer could not do WIN.

Jelena Jankovic(SRB)[4] vs. Yaroslava Shvedova(KAZ)
This match excites me as much as watching sheep graze in a paddock of grass.
Jankovic should win but stranger things have happened.

Jurgen Melzer(AUT)[22] vs. Novak Djokovic(SRB)[3]

Talk of a resurgence of Djokovic and some are saying a title contender , I still think pretender but will probably win this match.


I guess I will be rooting for Stotsur being Australian an all, she made a comment after she defeated Henin that people might now start taking her recent tennis serious.Ok well i have been burnt watching her matches before know the commentators start talking up her serve as being the best in the women's game and guess what sure enough as soon as they start straight away Stotsur gets broken.Serena is not going to let Stotsur dictate play as much as Henin did.For a start Stotsur wont be able to push Williams back behing the baseline as much with her topspin.The high Kick serve to Henin's one hander payed dividend.Serena wont be pushed around the court and Stotsur is going to have to execute like she has never done before.Stotsur was also able to attack the Henin second serve and this wont happen as much with Serena, she was able to get a round on her forehand side a lot also but with Serena's power this will not be as easy and in trying will lead to errors.

As much as I would like to see an Aussie victory I have my doubts and lean towards Serena.

In hearing Federer's press conference and watching his defeat it appeared to me he just rolled with the loss the outside world it really looked like he had moved on from the match very quickly.In fact the picture belows shows a very relaxed Federer( its a tongue in cheek picture and of course photoshoped :))

Finally I said yesterday that Soderling had something in his eyes a look of determination showing how much he wants it. It sort of was a little scary at times.Some of his looks reminded me of Jack Nicholson in the shining so I did a little work and the below picture shows how Soderling would of just fitted the part well.Have a look closely and there is a special appearance also by his next opponent.

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