Sunday, June 27, 2010

So you want to be a Pro Tennis Player

Over the next couple of weeks I will be writing a series "So you want to be a Pro Tennis Player".The first point I need to address is that you yourself have to have that goal to be a Pro....... to often it is the parents goal that is the dominant factor and that spells for disaster.I have been in the coaching game for a considerable time now , When I first started I was a young naive tennis coach lacking an essential component that I would not get until years roll by and millions of tennis balls hit, watching countless matches, working with different juniors and players from the grass routes ,National and Pro Levels and of course dealing with a variety of Parents.Its called Hindsight !The thing about tennis coaching is the same with Tennis Matches we are going to make mistakes along the road and that as we say is a way of learning.Just like losing a tennis match one hopes you learn from this loss, well tennis coaching works on the same principal one minute you are on the winning end the next the losing end.What you learn by your losses are equally as important as your wins.A junior trying to be a pro however must be careful at the choices and paths they take in trying to reach the pinnacle of Success, sometimes unfortunately for a lot of juniors their parents will be in charge of taking these decisions.My advice if you do have a good coach is to listen to them , good coaches will be honest and upfront and at times will tell you what you don't want to hear .You as a tennis player do not have that many chances and you only have a few years to create the best opportunity's. Too many parents switch coaches looking for answers that only they themselves can deliver.If you are serious in trying to make it on the Pro Circuit I need to tell you and your parents that both parties have to be committed and that is sacrificing many things such as other family member's at times and both parent and junior forgoing a lot of social aspects that come along frequently in every day life.I also need to say that not too many can do this and that is why only a small percentage make it.So after rambling on the first lesson is Number 1 you , yourself must want to be a player ...not Mum and Dad but you.....Statistics are not in favour less than 2% of junior tennis players will become pro's.Parents remember your dream may not be your child's dream.Good junior tennis players in New Zealand live a very sheltered life and parents can go over board in thinking they have the next Serena or Rodger.If you are not breathing eating and sleeping tennis then forget it just enjoy the social aspect.If you are serious you need to be VERY SERIOUS! Next choosing a good coach

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