Sunday, June 6, 2010

Out Played, Out Foxed In All Aspects!

I said yesterday that Schiavone would have a game plan and she would have to execute it too perfection.She did and came away with the trophy and the biggest win of her career.It does not matter if Stosur defeated Henin and Williams on route to the final that was history but in doing so started her pre Match favorite with no one really tipping Schiavone and after doing the hard work came up short.Commentators talked about the Stosur serve but Schiavone did not have the power of Stosur but had the placement and she also has a good kick serve that stosur did not come to terms with , getting her own medicine with Schiavone targeting the backhand on the add side and serving wide at crucial times to the duece side.Stosur did not serve well 42 of 65 = 65 % whilst Schiavone 46 of 71 = 65 %.Those stats were even but break them down closer you can see that Schiavone won 76 % of first serves in to Stosur 71% and winning points on second serves again had Schiavone with the edge 63% to Stosur 59%. The other tactic that proved divedend was attacking to the forehand wing of Stosur to allow the court to open up so Schiavone could get to the backhand side of Stosur and at the right time finishing at the net making and winning 14 of 15 approaches = 93 % whilst Stosur volleyed poorley and lacked confidence in this area and her approaches 11 of 18 = 61 %.Schiavone moved and retrieved much beter throughout the match also.Stosur had her chance in the second set when she lead 4-1.I thought it was a poor match from Stosur and her camp they were all out smarted by the Italian's , they came up with the perfect Game plan. I think too much speculation on the fact everyone was tipping Stosur and the fact she had beaten Schiavone the last 4 times contributed to the upset ,of course you learn more from a losing game than a winning game and Schiavone had obviously learned a lot from her defeats.What has Stosur learned from this defeat that will help her in the future...time will tell,But history may say that this was the Grandslam that got away.! Tactically,Technical and Physically Schiavone had the edge in all departments.The other aspect was that at the end of the day Schiavone also had variety.As we know just as you think tennis becomes predictable it comes and bites us all on the xxx.

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