Thursday, January 27, 2011

Andy Murray Can Win Australian Title

I have to say that Murray has never been a favorite of mine but I do know that he has done the hard yards and I think its time for him to step up and grab a major title.I wish he would change a little of his on court demeanor he would of course improve his image to the public!I came across an article more about his mother I will provide the link but I found this very interesting and shows what dedication the family has had in Andy's tennis career.In this article Judy his mother has this to say.
“I think Andy benefited enormously from having a big brother who was very gifted as a youngster,” said Judy, who separated from and later was divorced from her husband, Willie, while the boys were young. “The first overseas tournament Andy went to, he was 9 and Jamie went as well. It was an under-11 tournament in Rouen, France, and Andy got to the semifinal and lost in three long sets to GaĆ«l Monfils, and Jamie got to the final and beat Monfils, 1 and love. And the whole way back home, Andy was saying, ‘You only won because I tired him out for you!’ It was just hilarious.” 

Read the whole article here I found it interesting and gives a good background of Judy the mother! HERE Above is a little video I put together using one of the most heartfelt national songs in the world.Scotland the brave.

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