Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Can't Win Them All !

Junior tennis players take heed , you can't win them all.As I have said in earlier posts a tennis player will have great moments and along with these their will be moments of hard times....this is the nature of Sport.The great Spanish Champion can testify as he crashed out in straight sets to fellow country man David Ferrer yesterday.Its fact that Nadal injured himself very early in the first set, he showed integrity by finishing the match,some of his fellow pro's would have thrown in the towel before completion.

A disappointed Nadal answered these question in his Presser.

Q. What you achieved in the last year was nothing short of amazing. Does this break your heart a little bit that it had to happen like this?
RAFAEL NADAL: The tennis career, you have higher moments and lower moments. I had almost all the time very, very happy moments and very nice moments in my career. That’s part of the sport. Last year I was very lucky. I was healthy most of the year. I was playing unbelievable during all the year.
This year I did I think all the right things to start the season playing really well. And, seriously, I was playing like this in the first exhibition in Abu Dhabi. After that starts the problem. Was a difficult month for me, no?
That’s part of the sport. Accept; keep working; try my best in the next tournament. That’s what I can do.
And Nadal is correct there is nothing one can do, its past and the quicker you move on the better for it you will be.He may never be in this position again ( he had the chance to hold all four majors at one given time) but knowing Nadal he will hurt a little but gain a lot and set more goals for himself in the future.
Q. Can you tell us your feelings tonight compared to this time last year?
RAFAEL NADAL: Is different because last year was the knees. I had a problem, big problem, in the knee in the past. So was hard for me to have another time the same. I didn't see a solution in that. Is not the case.
I came last year after probably six, seven months really hard for me of injuries and of problems in general. So was a hard situation. This year everything is a little bit different. I have three more Grand Slams at home, a few more Masters 1000s and a few more tournaments.
I can say nothing wrong because I had a fantastic time last year. Not possible be all the time at hundred percent. Not possible all the time to have all the positive factors together to win in every tournament.
Last year happened in almost every one. This year we start with a little bit of unlucky. I gonna work hard to come back and to keep having chances and to compete against the best players and to keep being in the top positions of the ranking, so...

I love playing tennis. I love the competition. And I love, in general, the hard moments because you are ready to change the situation working hard, working every day with a goal and with illusion.

Nadal even though his English is not perfect can hold his head high answering in a way that juniors should read and put their own game into perspective!Take note of the last two lines above .He is a humble champion and whilst this tournament he wont hold the trophy over his head you can rest assure it won't be long before he is back on the winners list. 

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